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In The News The Value of An Agent As technology marches forward and the mantra of "there's an app for that" infiltrates more aspects of our lives, there are now headlines asking if agents can be replaced by algorithms. After 28 years in this business, I'd say for some agents, this is likely quite possible. Our industry has continued to do a terrible […]
In The News What do rising interest rates really mean? Almost all of this year the "fear" reportings have been warning us of interest rates rising as though this is such a horrible event. The Fed was supposedly going to do this in March, then certainly by June; I'd thought they'd do it in September, as did much/most of the financial markets. When they didn't […]
In The News Goals for 2016 Keeping my focus on my clients is always paramount to me. However, since I can't be in touch with all of you on a daily or weekly basis it seems I should be more diligent on keeping my thoughts coming out here, on my blog, for you to read and share at your leisure. This […]
In The News Market Perspective June ’15 So Many Statistics-What does it all mean? All the headlines tell us that Seattle's real estate market is red hot; everything sells in hours to a few days and for prices not seen ever before. Really? While this might be true in the more urban core and for certain property types and price ranges, it's […]
In The News 2015 Q1 Eastside Market Review Here's some interesting data on our Eastside region's market activity for the first quarter. No surprise, sales are up, prices are up and Windermere continues to be the most trusted and active real estate company on the Eastside. Click on the image below to see the full details on the various regions around the Eastside. […]
In The News March Statistics Highlights This winter to spring marketplace and pace have been as frenzied as we've ever had in the Seattle area. I'm still hopeful that May to July will see a steady increase in homes for sale, similar to what we saw the last 2 years and this should help buyers with the frantic and frustrating pace and process […]
In The News March Market Stats for 4 County Area The folks with Bill Hurme's team at compile and track sales numbers from our local MLS and have a concise chart showing the sale stats for the past 15 years. Always nice to see sales trends and relative comparisons. Thought I'd share this with you. It does combine single family and condos but again […]
In The News Market pace continues to rise Most of the local real estae market continues to thrive with price recovery in almost all areas strengthening to near or even above our economic recession data. February saw an increase in listings but that was matched with an increase in sales. While the statistics say we have higher inventory than last February, that's not matched […]
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In The News Eastside Year End Stats There are many sources for market statistics and also many interpretations to the statistics. Below are some I use to advise my clients, buyers or sellers, on the true condition, pace and nuances of the market. You'll note that this past December's sales were stronger than 2013's; actually one of the strongest ever in our […]
In The News Should You Refinance? There are many news headlines and stories about home owners "needing" to refinance their home loans. While we are at near record low levels for interest rates, before you refinance you should ask a few questions of yourself and loan officer.  First, how low is your current interest rate? If it's not at least 1/2% […]
In The News FHA Insurance Fees Dropping For the last several years FHA has priced themselves out of the market with punitive insurance premiums required by buyers to pay. Now, with more of the country in economic rebound and FHA not really participating in the housing market, they've determined they needed to lower these premiums. Conventional loans with 3-5% down payments have […]
In The News Rental Rates Rising A good article on the reality of rental rates rising in our area but also on caution for the future trend. The new or newer construction options aren't the same in different locations so the forecast for rents declining or strengths of any given market area need to be looked at specifically to decide if […]
In The News Winter Time Home Sales? Here's an interesting article on the benefits of selling your home in the winter time. While many of us may not want to do this directly over the holidays, those are now past and Februray will be here soon. With near record low inventory levels for good homes in the general Seattle and Eastside areas […]