Why Paul?

Why Am I in this Business? To have fun helping you reach your real estate goals with confidence.

I enjoy helping my clients understand what is often a complicated and stressful process, buying or selling a home, making a move, determining priorities and understanding options. Discussing your concerns and helping you see the opportunities within them takes knowledge, the ability to ask the right questions and listen well to your answers. From these questions, answers and comments I help you see the path to solutions and then assist you with any steps you need or want to take or need my assistance to take. Coordinating your life around this process can seem daunting to overwhelming. With 34 years of experience helping people work through these processes, I enjoy helping you discover the best options and opportunities for acting. Taking the big picture and breaking it into manageable steps and explaining to you the why behind the what, you have more comfort and confidence in your decisions and actions. My goal is to educate you on the issues, steps and options you aren’t readily aware of. None of us know what we don’t know; my role is to make you aware of these issues and options so you can see the best path to your goals. It’s personally and professionally rewarding to see you gain the confidence in your decisions and determinations of which are the next best steps forward for you. This desire to truly listen and help you make the right choices for you takes a teacher’s heart and a true concern for your welfare. When others tell me that’s what I’ve allowed them to do, I know I’m on my right path for you.

As a multi-year winner of Best in Customer Satisfaction Award I think my customers agree with me on my benefit to them. I hope you’ll agree, when we have a chance to meet and talk about your needs and concerns.