In The News October 22, 2020

Finding Balance in Tumultuous Times

For most of us the end of March seems like an eternity ago and yet by the end of March, the first of March seemed like an eternity before that. 2020 has presented all of us with challenges we couldn’t have imagined and most of us would like to forget. Sadly life doesn’t allow us to disengage to the level many of us think we’d like and prefer to. The change in the calendar won’t likely change these feelings either. 2020 has created a need for all of us to find balance. Sure work-life balance would be nice–it’s been the topic of books, blogs, broadcasts and classes ad nauseum but it seems what most of need more of right now is just life balance.

Newscasts and headlines yank us over here, then send us over there. Political campaigns push us from hysteria to the depths of depression. Economic challenges, kids, schools, protests, riots….the lists go on and our frustrations and anxieties grow higher. Where can we find balance? Where is the finish line? When do we get to go back to normal? If you think the elections will change all of this, I think you’re going to be disappointed. 2020 has created the need and the challenge for all of us commit to finding our own balance, our own silence, refuge and mental sanctuary. Our own new normal.

While many are trying to find this by buying a bigger or different home (good news for me), most of us will find our challenges will still be with us in our new homes too. What we likely need more of is the strength and energy to tune out the noise, at least for a little while; take time to focus on what we want–what we focus on expands, so focus on you and your real wants–and commit to finding those moments of silence,( or screams), in our sanctuaries, so we can turn back around or get back up and face the challenges of our real lives.

Moaning, complaining, protesting for the sake of protesting isn’t going to reduce our problems or help us solve our daily challenges. Stepping back, taking some real breaths and focusing on what you can do today to eliminate or begin a path to reduce or eliminate even one challenge is worth the effort. Having been an independent contractor for most of my working life, I face challenges and frustrations every day; they’re real, scary and can be overwhelming. I haven’t and won’t conquer all of them–none of us will; but I’ve learned to take steps forward, seek progress and do something today to help reduce my anxieties. Even seemingly little steps will help you feel better about yourself, your abilities and your strength. Take those steps.

I offer this moment of reprieve and respite from the chaos in hopes that all of us can find some calm, some balance and some strength to help us face our individual challenges. The community, national or world problems will still be there. You’re not running away from them or being selfish to think of and take care of yourself first, your family next and then spread your strengths and talents outward. You need balance, grounding and focus to have strength and with all of the challenges we face, Lord knows we all need strength to prevail in these crazy days. Good luck to you in finding your balance points and keeping your focus on you first. At least we have Halloween to help us feel good about wearing a mask.

Photo by G T on Unsplash