In The News September 23, 2020

Market Update Amid Uncertain Times

Pardon my absence, the market has been running extremely hot for the past several months and I thought I’d offer some insights on the activity levels and sentiments. Contrary to many predictions early in the year, the market took a 4-6 week breath in mid-March but has taken off in a full stroke sprint since then. Almost all price ranges, property types and locations have had amazingly strong activity. Prices have been on a steady climb, up 4-8% since March, more in some pockets of the market and multiple offers have been more common than not. We’ve seen 40+% of the homes selling above asking prices; most in 6 days or less time and prices averaging 4% over asking prices in the broader market.

Interesting side note, initial pricing is still keenly critical. If a home should be priced at $675K, it needs to be priced there. Even if it may get bid up to $720 or more, pricing at $685-690 likely means the seller ultimately sells for less, in longer time and with more concessions. This does vary a bit by specific location but overall, the market is still amazingly price sensitive, even in our so-called Seller’s market with rising prices. This price sensitivity is even more critical in condominiums which are lagging the market pace but still strong overall. Downtown Seattle condos have some unique headwinds for sure.

A second point worth noting is that our weekly sales volumes have been 12-50% higher per week than 2019 levels since the end of May. Combine this with the fact that our inventory of available homes for sale is down 40-55%, it shows we have a true, organic and sustainable demand for homes to buy. We have lots of people looking for a home to buy and not enough supply to fill the demand.

So where is all this demand coming from? Mostly from local buyers, secure in their jobs and incomes and motivated by record low interest rates. The decline in interest rates is counter-balancing the rise in prices so people can pay a higher price and still lower their monthly payments. Affordability is rising.

Many first-time buyers are trying to jump into the market. Other current homeowners are making lifestyle adjustments to their home desires and moving up, down, in or out of cities and suburbs. The reasons are varied but the result is the same; they’re looking for a change, now.

Record low interest rates are projected to be with us into 2023 or beyond but if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that tomorrow’s paths aren’t certain. Buyers of all ages and demographics and for a variety of reasons are seeking to secure a home for tomorrow, today, by buying a home now.

I expect this desire for certainty and to capture a lower cost of housing will continue for the balance of this year and into 2021. We have a lot of life uncertainties going on, so being secure in your home is a foundational piece of personal security and comfort that likely continues to drive our local market. Business expansion and movement around the Sound is and will continue to bring more people and more demand into our region. With all of the headlines of uncertainty, this demand seems to be one good fortune we can continue to count on.


Photo courtesy of Paule Knete-Unsplash