Statistics Overview

The menus in this link show market statistics for various Eastside communities. Because Seattle is so large and so varied in its neighborhoods, it's not easy to create these charts for each individual area but I'm happy to provide these and more specific information to you, should you want to see the statistics for Greenlake, Ballard, Queen Anne, Madison Park, Seward Park or other areas you find of interest. These charts show the quantity of homes that were for sale at the end of any given month and how many offers were accepted on homes for sale during that month, the red line, as well as closed sales for the month–the darker blue/teal line. Some comparison of year to year or month to month is given in each map corner. For more details on price points or specific criteria for any given area, please give me a call or message and I'll provide more specific data for your circumstances or interests. 

These statistics will update every month, usually around the 10th of each month when the final figures have been compiled and released by the local Multiple Listing Service.